Storm Shelters

Tornados are a common threat in Alabama and other areas of the southeastern U.S., causing massive destruction in their wake. For many people, decisions about where to shelter from dangerous storms are difficult.

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Be safer during storms.

Many houses are slab on grade, without basements. Even homes with basements may not protect your family in the case of a catastrophic storm since the structure above can collapse into the basement. For apartment dwellers there are also seldom safe places to shelter, and most newer apartment buildings are also slab on grade.


One solution is to build a storm shelter, and the most wind resistant material is reinforced concrete. Storm shelters are built far enough away from a dwelling so that if the building collapses, the door to the storm shelter will not be blocked with debris. Doorways to storm shelters are typically built on an angle so that the door will be easier to open.

In Alabama, most areas will be far enough above the water table to allow an in-ground storm shelter. Poured concrete storm shelters that are constructed in-ground are the safest.

Storms cause massive destruction,
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