Sea Walls

Sea Walls, whether they are actually at the seaside, or a riverside or at lakeside, are constructed to preserve the landforms adjacent. The action of wind and water change the shoreline unless that shoreline is protected. The most permanent type of seawall or bulkhead is concrete.

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One of our seawalls being poured at a lakefront.

Concrete Formed Walls can protect your waterfront property and also provide a basis for building a future boathouse in the Birmingham and Alabama area.


Concrete Formed Walls has constructed concrete seawalls in various parts of Alabama and southeastern U.S. Based on the type of erosion and the local conditions, we have constructed concrete seawalls to protect the property of our clients.

Concrete seawalls and bulkheads also form the basis for piers - whether fixed or floating - and other boat slip and boat house construction. We can also build concrete pilings for additional waterfront construction.