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Eric McKenzie has been working with concrete in Alabama for over 20 years. He started his own company 12 years ago, and has an impressive body of work already - primarily through referrals from satisfied customers! His work in Alabama and the Southeastern U.S. has been outstanding and his knowledge of the local soil types, climate variables and concrete suppliers in the area is excellent.

Concrete Formed Walls services cities including Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Pleasant Grove, Prattville, Cordova, and in many of the lake communities in the Alabama area. These include Smith Lake, Lake Guntersville, Lake Logan Martin and Lake Tuscaloosa.

We also have worked in Georgia, in Florida after disasters, in Louisiana - especially New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina - and in other surrounding Southeastern U.S. states.

concrete pouring into forms for footings

Why use poured concrete walls?

  • Solid concrete walls are more durable than modular walls such as concrete block or brick
  • Water problems are greatly reduced with solid concrete walls
  • There are fewer warranty issues and fewer callbacks with poured concrete walls
  • A concrete wall can be backfilled within 7 days of completion
  • The homeowner's resale value will be greater with poured concrete walls.
  • Basement insulation is better with a concrete poured wall.

Concrete is a material that requires experienced and conscientious installation in order to perform well in all building situations. It is not just a building material, it is a process.

In order to install concrete so it will last, won't crack, won't allow leaks, and will perform structurally, these all have to be done correctly:

1. Soil and site preparation. If the soil doesn't have the bearing capacity, the concrete, no matter how well it's installed, will crack. Organic matter must be removed, soil bearing tested and then compacted to achieve the correct structural capacity. In addition a base of stable material, usually gravel, must be installed and tamped.

2. The Concrete Mix:  The proportions of cement, sand, gravel and water can change depending on the time of year, the site, and anticipated weather. Humidity, precipitation, and soil conditions all affect whether concrete will cure properly and within the construction scheduled time. We choose the mix proportions and additives carefully based on site conditions.

3. The Concrete Reinforcement: All structural concrete will have metal reinforcement in place prior to the pour. We follow specifications closely, installing and checking to make sure the steel is in the correct relationship to the concrete as it is poured. Improper steel placement can result in future deterioration.

4. The Concrete Cure: We take test cylinders to make sure the concrete is meeting the requirements. We also use water and other materials to make sure the concrete cures at the right speed for the conditions. The construction schedule depends on structural concrete being ready - and we work closely with other trades to schedule concrete on time.

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